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How to make a difference

Goals and Outreach

Make a difference: Programs

Create a Job Shadowing Program

We should all aspire to create a job shadowing program to connect Vermont's middle and high school students to our industry.

Build Connections between Students and Vermont Employers

Offer ourselves as a resource to students and faculty to facilitate information sharing, job shadowing, and on-the-ground experience opportunities.

Create an Internship Program

Geared towards racially diverse undergraduates seeking careers in the built environment. Goal of connecting students with Vermont companies.

Create an Equitable Business Guide

Promote framework and guidelines that include recommendations on equitable recruitment, hiring, and professional development, in addition to equitable business policies and practices which are specific to our industries.

Reach-out to Non-profit Organizations

Understand who is already doing equity work, what they do, what they need, and how we can assist into their vision. Give your time and resources to groups that aim to benefit and uplift BIPOC in Vermont.

VT BIPOC-owned Business List

Support BIPOC-owned business through our purchasing power. See a list of business here.

PK-12 Outreach

Help attract and maintain younger populations (including from marginalized groups) in industries related to the built environment.

Help Facilitate the Redistribution of Wealth

by direct giving to individuals whom historically do not have access to generational wealth. (i.e. scholarships; housing assistance for internships; relocation expenses assistance)

Learn more about the experience of marginalized groups

See our list of resources, from books to podcast, that can help you understand the experiences from marginalized groups and opportunities for action.

Legislative Action

Join a group that focus on legislative action and help uncover issues and opportunities related to systemic racism in the built environment in Vermont. (i.e. expose and lobby against redlining & zoning laws that impact BIPOC; explore how design of public spaces/buildings adversely affect different groups)

Do you have more ideas?

Please get in touch!

Make a difference: List

Do you have more ideas?
Get in touch, we'd love to connect with you.

Make a difference: Text
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