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Our Current Priorities

Here are the ways in which we advance equity in our sector

  1. Attract and maintain younger populations (and marginalized) in industries related to the built environment. (i.e. internships, job shadowing, PK-12 outreach)

  2. Research and recommend educational opportunities and materials for the Equity Alliance and its member firms. (i.e. identify and coordinate training opportunities; creation of a speaker series; further development of our resource library)

  3. Examine, suggest, and update business policies and practices to be (more) equitable. (i.e. recruitment; hiring; professional development; family-friendly policies like paid leave; employee handbook language)

  4. Help facilitate the redistribution of wealth through direct giving to individuals whom historically do not have access to generational wealth. (i.e. scholarships; housing assistance for internships; relocation expenses assistance)

  5. Advocate for marginalized businesses in Vermont through legislative change on local and state levels. (i.e. advocate/lobby for a marginalized business association in VT that provides support to marginalized groups-owned businesses; grant programs)

  6. Uncover issues and opportunities related to systemic racism in the built environment in Vermont. (i.e. expose and lobby against redlining & zoning laws that impact BIPOC; explore how design of public spaces/buildings adversley affect "othered" populations)

  7. Learn about the experience of marginalized groups in Vermont and how it affects us all. (i.e. explore how whiteness manifests in VT and creates unwelcoming environments for BIPOC; explore what white people lose because of racism and lack of diversity)

  8. Give our time and resources to local non-profits that aim to benefit and uplift marginalized groups in Vermont. (i.e. create volunteer days; set up a charitable giving fund to increase the impact of our dollars)

Our Current Priorities: Programs
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